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When watching football, you encounter controversial situations that lead to red cards, fouls, penalties, and offsides. Surely fans always feel uncomfortable, especially when the referee’s decision causes some mistake. That is why Var technology was born, let’s learn about var technology through phlove‘s article.

What is the concept of var technology?

What is var technology? VAR – Video Assistant Referee is a technology that uses video to assist referees in controversial decisions on the field. This technology is used to help referees make the most accurate decisions, making football matches more fair.

When using this technology, there will be 33 cameras installed on the field and a team of referees sitting in a room called the VAR room to  review all controversial situations. When there are difficult to decide situations, the var room will send signals to the referee through analysis with 120 frames per second recorded by 8 Super Slow Motion cameras.

33 cameras are operating continuously to produce UHD images, including 8 Super Slow Motion cameras to give the referee a full view of every angle. Especially mounted at goal positions and the touchline as well as in the penalty area are the places that often cause controversy.

When was VAR first applied?

VAR appeared for the first time in an unofficial match in the professional football tournament in the US in August 2016. But the world football federation FIFA has  approved the widespread use of this technology since the 2018 World Cup.

VAR technology was officially applied starting from the 2018 World Cup

Initially, there was controversy when this technology was applied to disrupt the match, losing the inherent emotions that football brings. However, up to now VAR has shown its influence on all football matches in the world.In some matches, thanks to this technology, many teams have successfully reversed the flow, thereby allowing bettors to win big and withdraw money continuously.

Situations where VAR technology is applied

Based on FIFA’s decision, VAR will only be used to assist  referees in certain situations so as not to disrupt the match. The remaining situations are still decided by the referee and below are the situations where VAR will participate.

Get involved if there is a dispute about a goal

In situations where a player scores a goal but there is a complaint or the referee receives information from the VAR room. The referee will then stop the match to review the process leading to the goal. After reviewing and evaluating the level of situations, the main referee will review and make the final decision.

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Supports in 11m blowing situations

Penalties are also one of the situations where VAR will intervene to assist the referee in making decisions. Referees will use this technology in sensitive situations to avoid making wrong decisions.

Player error leads to red card

Violent acts during football matches are always discouraged, as they lead to serious consequences. Therefore, referee support technology will be applied and limit these situations by allowing the referee to review and issue a penalty to the player immediately afterward.

Situations where the “king in black” makes wrong decisions

In fact, the “black kings” have many times caused anger with fans for making wrong decisions. Therefore, VAR will be supported to minimize wrong decisions to create fairness in football.

This article has helped fans understand in detail what var technology is. A technology to support referees in soccer helps bring about fairer matches.

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