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How to play sic bo that we have researched is extremely simple and interesting. New players of this game must still be confused, not knowing how to win when betting. Understanding that, we have compiled effective ways to play from experts in today’s article. Let’s follow VIPPH and pocket for yourself the most suitable and effective ways to play.

General information about sic bo

General information about sic bo

Before learning how to play sic bo, let’s learn a little about this game. Sicbo is also known as dice shaking, originating from China. This game uses 3 dice with 6 familiar faces, each face is the numbers from 1-6. Sic Bo has a fairly simple way to play, each game takes place in a short time, so it is loved by many bettors.

Now you can participate in betting on sic bo at online bookmakers with just a few clicks. With a fairly high payout rate, this game offers a great opportunity to make money that you should not miss. This game requires players to predict the results of the dice to place bets. There are many experienced players who have become rich quickly by participating in sic bo.

Instructions for playing sic bo

Instructions for playing sic bo

After learning a little about the basic information of sic bo, let’s learn how to play over and under. Below are the rules that everyone needs to understand to participate in betting and come up with a playing strategy:

  • The number of participants in each game at the bookies will be unlimited. Just deposit money to bet and you can participate quickly.
  • The bookie will use three dice, a bowl and a plate to cover the bowl. When starting the bet, the Dealer will put the dice in the bowl, cover it and shake it.

When participating, players will predict and bet on the doors that they think will come out such as:

  • Bet on over/under: If you think the total score of the three dice is 4 – 10 points, bet on under and if it is greater than 10, bet on over.
  • Bet on even/odd: Bet on the total of the three dice that you predict is even or odd.
  • Bet on a specific triple: This is a bet where you have to predict the correct number that appears in all three doors.
  • Bet on a specific pair: Predict a number that appears on 2 dice.
  • In addition, there are many other bets that you can participate in to understand better.
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How to play sic bo without losing from experienced experts

How to play sic bo without losing from experienced experts

Many people mistakenly think that the sic bo game is based on luck. However, that is not the case. To win when playing sic bo, people need to have an effective way of playing. Below are some ways to play sic bo without losing that we have researched and compiled.

Know how to manage your budget effectively when playing sic bo

Many newbies when participating in sic bo want to bring home the winnings quickly. Therefore, they make the mistake of playing recklessly, without planning to manage their budget in advance. This will easily cause your capital to disappear. Therefore, learn how to manage your budget before participating. Divide the amount of money into each bet, absolutely do not put all the money in one place.

Do not ignore the betting door with low payout rate

How to play sic bo from the experts is that you should note that you should not ignore the doors with low payout rates. Many new players want to make money quickly and ignore these doors. However, these doors will have a very high payout rate, bringing more winning opportunities. Be flexible when choosing betting doors and do not ignore any winning opportunities.

How to play sic bo with unbeatable double-up

How to play sic bo with unbeatable double-up

Double-up is certainly a familiar method for those who often play online betting. This method is also applied when playing sic bo, bringing extremely high efficiency. It helps you easily ensure your capital. Accordingly, the rule of this method is to double the bet of the previous round if the previous round loses. If the previous round wins, the next round will be as profitable as the previous round.

However, people need to pay attention to some things after performing the double-up bet:

  • The first round should not bet too high because if the following rounds, the bet will have to be increased if you lose a lot.
  • Do not place double-up bets if you see that the results tend to fall into one betting door during the betting period. You should only use the double-up bet if the results of the previous rounds are uneven.


We have introduced to everyone how to play sic bo effectively. Hopefully, this will help you grasp the victory in your hands when participating in sic bo betting. Quickly register to participate in sic bo and apply the above undefeated playing method to bring home many huge bonuses.

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